Getting a cat

Conditions for getting a cat:

Our baby cats will leave their home at the age of 12 weeks at the earliest. The first weeks are particularly important for the development of the small ones because during this time they learn everything they will need for a long and happy life as a cat.

They are vaccinated twice against cat plaque, cat flu and leucosis. They are dewormed several times and will get a microchip upon request.

Of course they are house-trained, can eat alone and are used to all kinds of noises of everyday life.

You will get a pedigree of your cat issued by ÖVEK (FIFE), our association,  as well as a vaccination certificate and small starter kit (food, toys, information).

Cats which go to admirers and not to breeders may not be used for breeding and must therefore be castrated by their owners. I will check this randomly and hand out the pedigree only upon presentation of a castration certificate.

Please keep in mind that we do not sell cats over the Internet! This page is for information only and we reserve the right to meet future owners in person. We don`t give cats away when their future is uncertain! The cats can be visited from the 6th week on. If you would like to reserve a cat, you will have to do an advance payment and will get a "pre-contract".    

Please understand that I do not answer requests which refer only to the price of my cats! Cats are live partners for many years and not special offers! We try hard to care for our cats in the best way and pay attention to a harmonic and clean environment.

If you do not want to spend much money on a cat please decide to get a cat in an animal shelter, on a farm etc. Pedigree cats offered at a cheap price and without documents are most likely bred by non-official breeders who avoid the association’s controls on purpose! It often happens that these animals are even given away without vaccination.  Please keep also in mind that a cat without documents is not a pedigree cat because its origin cannot be proven!

A cat is a partner for many beautiful years and should therefore be chosen with the right care.

If you are interested in one of our cats, do not hesitate to contact us. However it is up to us to decide who will get a cat from our breeding!