Character and characteristics

The Persian cat also influenced the character of the British Shorthair. The British Shorthair changed into a quite calm and cool-headed cat. It is plain with a firm character. Thanks to its calm and pleasant character, the British Shorthair usually gets along very well with other pets. Due to its character, British Shorthair's desire for freedom is rather small and these cats can therefore be held as house cats without any problems. This thanks to its ability to adapt and its friendly character. If it can enjoy a life outside, this cat soon turns into a robust and good catcher. The British Shorthair is good family member and has great patience with children thanks to its calm and loving character. The British Shorthair is never intrusive or loud. Please say hello to your friend in a calm but loving way when coming home. When young the British Shorthair is very playful but calms down when growing older. This cat is very self-independent despite its calm character and can sometimes be even stubborn and very clear about when it is time to cuddle.

The character typical for British Shorthairs even depends on the coat colour. Every experienced British Shorthair admirer and owner can surely tell you their own little story. But one thing always counts: the relationship to a British Shorthair is based on mutual respect and sympathy - a relationship between equal partners.  Like with every other cat, the most important condition for the development of the character is the imprinting as a puppy. Only cats, which grew up in an ideal environment with early personal and positive contact to persons, can really develop their character. Every good breeder will act accordingly.