Breed standard


The medium-sized to big-sized cats are brawny and stocked.  Chest, shoulders, and back are broad and massive.  The neck is short and sturdy. The legs are short and brawny and the paws thick and round. The tail is medium-sized and thick with a round tail tip and reaching down to the forepaws.


Round massive and broad skull with sturdy chin. The nose is short, broad and straight. The outline is curved (no stop). The cheeks are full and sturdy. The big round whiskers shape the short snout clearly.


The ears are medium-sized, broad at the bottom with slightly rounded tips. They are wide apart.


The eyes are big and round. They are wide apart. The colour is the one of the coat.


The coat is short and thick, not skin-tight. The sufficient undercoat results in a plushy non-skin-tight coat. The texture is woollen.


All colours and point colours without white are recognized. The descriptions can be found in the general colour list.


An outline with stop is considered a serious defect.