Basic equipment

Carrying case/ kennel

You need a carrying case when you come to us to get your cat. There are different types made of different materials such as plastic or wicker baskets. I find the ones made of plastic more practical because they can be washed more easily. They can be carried more easily than wicker baskets.

Cat litter box and bedding

Please show your cat the litter box and sit it in it as soon as you are home. Even if it does not use the toilet immediately, it now knows where to find the toilet. Litter boxes are available without cover. We only use litter boxes with cover. I find it more hygienic and the smell remains in the box. Bedding is available in different types. We have tried a lot but I absolutely recommend bedding which forms lumps because it is cleaner and can be handled more easily. At the beginning it is recommended to use the same bedding as the breeder. The cat is used to it. Later on you can always try something else.

Feeding dishes

Feeding dishes are available in different designs. We recommend dishes made of stainless steel or glazed ceramics.  Though, much more important is the content. There is a great variety of ready food in pet shops. You should make sure that the food is of good-quality and easily to digest. Always provide water to the cat.

Cat tree and cat corners

A cat is predator and used to climbing in free nature. Even cats who are always inside need a cat tree for climbing, playing and scratching. Our cats also like to sleep on their trees. Cat trees can be made easily at home or, of course, be bought. There is a great number of trees or even “assembly kits” available for sale. Cats usually accept this climbing and scratching furniture willingly and your furniture will thank you for it.


You need a steel comb and a brush for the coat care. I only use brushes with natural hair but there are also other types available. British Shorthair cats have a really thick undercoat. That is way you should not brush your cat too often, as otherwise the undercoat becomes too thin. Once or twice a week is absolutely sufficient. During change of coat you can, of course, brush your cat more often.


You will find a vast offer toys in pet shops. There are balls, mice, fishing rods and many more...  Our cats love fury mice and scuts with feathers or leader strings.  Some cats even find their own tows. Often a small paper ball is enough. There must be toys!


The vet is very important. Please find a veterinarian you can trust as soon as possible.  You do not only need him for yearly routine visits and vaccinations, but also in the case of accidents when there is no time to search a veterinarian.  It is absolutely recommend searching one. But most of all, your cat needs your love and tender loving care. Only a loving environment can your cat develop to a physically and mentally stable animal which can give love and joy to its person! And if the happiness shall be perfect….think of a partner for your cat!!! Or two…or three?